A MOLD business owner who is running the London marathon for charity has received a huge boost ahead of his challenge later this month.

Luke Anderson will be running the famous race on Sunday, April 23 in support of Diabetes UK - a cause close to his heart. 

Luke was delighted to receive an incredible donation of £500 from The Great British Bakehouse, another popular bakery located in Neston, Cheshire, which resulted in his target of raising £2,100 being exceeded. 

Luke, who owns popular Mold bakery, Cravin' which is located in the Daniel Owen precinct said: "I was blown away by one donation in particular from Shane, the owner of The Great British Bakehouse.

"The very generous amount of £500 tipped me over my donation target for Diabetes UK, I am so grateful to him and everyone who has contributed to this worthy cause.

"When the miles get tough I will be thinking of all those donations to spur me on."

If you’d like to donate to Luke's fundrasier the link is 

Speaking ahead of his challenge, the 41-year-old said: "I ran my first marathon last year in Chester and caught the running bug.

"I decided to aim for the London marathon next, I knew I wanted to raise money for Diabetes UK as my brother and sister-in-law both have type one, and I see the struggles that they both go through. 


"I’m feeling a little apprehensive about getting to London, more so than actually running! 

"I’ve followed Sean Conway for endurance tips and inspiration. He was the first person to do a length of Britain triathlon, he also lives near Mold which is a bonus.

"I also want to prove that into your 40’s you can still accomplish physical goals that you want to achieve."