One lucky Wrexham Mecca Bingo player has won a life-changing £50,000 - ironically on April Fools Day.

The lucky lady scooped the jackpot on April 1 in the National Bingo Game.

Despite the date, the winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, knew it was no joke when all her numbers came up.

The winner has been a loyal Mecca Bingo player for over 30 years, and recently transferred from Chester to the Wrexham club on Smithfield Road. 

Tracy Leigh, general manager at Mecca Bingo Wrexham said: “Saturdays are always a great atmosphere at Mecca Wrexham but when we found out one of our loyal players had just become a jackpot winner, the club virtually turned into a party.

"We are thrilled for her and her family!”