MORE than 130 speeding motorists were clocked by volunteers in March, it has been confirmed.

Buckley Community Speedwatch group carried out nine roadside sessions within 30 mile per hour zones throughout the month, with a total of 58.5 hours of work logged.

In total, the team recorded 133 speeders - of which, 127 have been reported and will receive letters urging them to be better drivers.

Cllr Arnold Woolley, who leads the team, said: "We had masses of people steaming along [doing speeds] in the 40s, and some into the 50s.

"One vehicle in particular was coming at us on the A5119 at New Brighton, and that fellow touched 52mph."

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Cllr Woolley said his team have also seen non-speed related issues which concerned them.

He explained: "The number of people on mobile phones is ridiculous.

"They're not paying attention or looking for hazards - they're just communicating outside the vehicle and doing that is simply dangerous.

"The other thing we have seen is the number of loose animals who are scampering around in vehicles.

"Heaven knows what would happen to these animals if the drivers have to step on the brakes.

"If they don't have a box and can't put them in the boot, the least they can do for safety is try to make sure their collars are associated with something firm in the vehicle so they're held in place."