Around 200 newly planted trees have been vandalised and destroyed in Wrexham. 

The trees were planted on the site in January 2023 to support the county wide efforts to increase canopy cover and create  biodiverse rich habitats for wildlife in urban areas.

The trees were planted at the back of Braeside and Brook Close in Abenbury, a site that was also chosen as the adjacent woodland habitat has Ash die back within it so planting a mix of different tree species will help support habitat that the area will lose in the coming years.

However, on Tuesday night, April 4, the trees were discovered vandalised by local group, Wrexham litter pickers. 

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The trees had been thrown down the bank leading to the river.

A spokesperson from Wrexham council said: "Unfortunately the trees can’t be recovered but we have picked up the guards and canes to be reused elsewhere."

“Our tree planting schemes throughout the autumn and winter have seen over 10,000 trees planted throughout the county. We have planted a variety of tree species from native broadleaved whips to large standard trees as well as several fruit orchards. This supports our ongoing efforts to increase canopy cover within Wrexham to 20% by 2026.

“We’ve seen a great deal of support for our tree planting schemes so far with over 500 volunteers taking part in planting days through the autumn and winter so whilst acts of vandalism like this are upsetting, thankfully they are rare and it is heart warming to know that there are supportive and active communities within Wrexham ready and willing to support nature conservation in their local area.”

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead member for Environment, said, “This attack of mindless vandalism is unacceptable and a disgrace, those who have perpetrated it have not only destroyed valuable trees but have struck at the heart of a community. 

"Trees not only benefit our environment but provide pleasure for so many people.  I trust that anyone with any knowledge of this action will contact North Wales Police.”