RYAN Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have appeared in a hilarious video alongside Sir Alex Ferguson. 

The Hollywood stars and the legendary former manager linked up to promote Wrexham AFC's friendly match against Manchester United in San Diego this summer. 

In the video, Rob and Ryan video call Sir Alex. 

"I can't believe we're about to talk with the Sir Alex Ferguson," Rob says.

"He won 13 Premier League titles and is arguably the greatest manager of all time."

"I know - I'm super nervous," Ryan replies. "I hear he's a master intimidator."


Rob replies: "Ryan, he's way past that part of his career. Besides we're playing a friendly match."

When Sir Alex joins the call - he seemingly ignores the pair as they try to engage in conversation. 

"What did I tell you?", Ryan says. "Mind games."

Rob asks: "What's he doing?"

"Living rent free in our heads," Ryan replies. 

Ryan then turns off the video. "I panicked," he says. 

"I told you - legendary intimidator."

It's only at the end of the video that Sir Alex says: "They were on mute - never heard a thing."

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