Trainee GPs from across Wrexham and Powys were welcomed to Nightingale House and attended several lectures, delivered by the hospice clinical team.

The training day was organised by Nightingale House Hospice in collaboration with Drs. Ian Happs and Stephen Wadsworth, of the Wrexham GP Specialty Training Program, to inform GP residents about palliative care services and prepare them for their future careers.

A tour of the facilities at Nightingale House marked the final part of the training day. The Wellbeing Centre’s patients then had a chance to talk about hospice care from their point of view.

Dr Stephen Wadsworth said: “Just hearing from members of the clinical team like Melissa Everett, GP, discussing their roles and how they help patients with their specialist knowledge, can help our trainees understand which career options are available to them and how they can apply their skills in the community.”

He added: “I’ve been a practising GP for 10 years now, and it is amazing to see how different a hospice is now compared to when I was training. It’s not just end-of-life care. It’s helping people to live well with their diagnosis.”


First-year GP Victor Obebock Afcinbile said: “My perception of a hospice has changed a lot.

"It is a place where patients can come to receive treatments and physiotherapy, access the Wellbeing programme, get medical advice from outpatients’ appointments, or create a home away from home as an inpatient, if needed.

"Many patients with a terminal diagnosis would benefit from the holistic service a hospice like Nightingale House provides.”