Former footballer and record-holding striker Alan Shearer has analysed the goals of Wrexham AFC star Paul Mullin for his latest Athletic article.  

Alan Shearer, amongst other football greats such as Gary Lineker, have previously spoken out in admiration for Wrexham AFC and all that the famous co-owners have done for the city.  

In an episode of BBC Match of the day in January, Lineker, Shearer and former Wales boss Mark Hughes were joined by Wrexham co -owner Ryan Reynolds who said the project would be a “multi-decades” one.  

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During the episode Shearer commented that: “I think that’s the hugely important thing,  what the guys are doing is actually engaging with the community.  

“Everyone’s on board and they’re so excited – and so they should be.” 

Now in a recent post on twitter the football great said: “Thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buying Wrexham, their striker Paul Mullin has become an unlikely star in America. And that’s because he scores a lot of goals.

"For the Athletic I took a look at how and why. “ 

Writing for The Athletic FC, Shearer draws several comparisons between himself during his time as a striker and Mullin. 

Alan Shearer is the Premiere League’s top scorer in history with 260 goals during his career.  

In the article, Shearer says: “Strikers have different styles and qualities, but I have one golden rule for playing as a no.9 you have to score goals and Mullin is scoring a bag full for Wrexham.” 

Shearer touches on Mullin’s decision to drop two tiers from Cambridge United to join Wrexham in 2021, he says it was a “risk in one sense, but it has paid off.” 

Shearer describes Mullin’s attitude as "excellent."

He adds: "He is the perfect balance of selfless and selfish, constantly running the channels and hassling defenders, but he knows when to shoot, too."

Shearer delves further into Mullin as a player also touching on his campaign for autism awareness and previous controversial football boots. 

Looking on to promotion for Wrexham, Shearer said: “Mullin has scored goals at League Two level before, so I see no reason he would not continue this form if Wrexham earn promotion.” 

Mullin shared his thoughts on the article and described Shearer as the goat - greatest of all time.