NORTH Wales residents are being warned by police following an increase in fraud cases. 

The force say they have seen a rise in courier fraud across the region, which has led to vulnerable people being exploited out of money and personal information. 

Police say that the most common victims of courier fraud are the elderly.

In the latest cases, the fraudster has telephoned their victim and claimed to be from their bank. Victims have been advised that their bank card has been used fraudulently and that the victim’s bank accounts are at risk.  

Victims have then been conned into revealing their PIN and debit card details. Scammers have then either sent couriers to collect bank cards from the victim’s address or the victims have been instructed to wrap their bank card in foil and send it through the postal service.

Once the scammer has the victim’s card and PIN they have spent their money on high-value transactions and withdrawn cash.

Force Financial Abuse Safeguarding officer, Detective Michelle Shirley said: "Courier fraud can be difficult to spot, especially when you are being put under pressure and you believe you are speaking to a bank official in an urgent situation.

"Fraudsters are able to impersonate phone numbers to appear to be your bank, and may know your personal information, which is how they convince you to trust them.


"It’s important to remember that your debit or credit card is yours and you should only ever hand it to someone at the bank.

"If you are told it needs to be collected by courier or asked to send it through the postal service, then this is probably a scam and you should end the call immediately."

For more information and help or to report this and other types of fraud, go to Action Fraud the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre or you can report it directly to North Wales Police.