A BUCKLEY Councillor is encouraging residents to look out for those who may need help during the snowy weather.

After putting out an offer of help via Facebook, Cllr Richard Jones has been out and about helping to clear driveways and paths so that residents can get to work and vulnerable people can get out to get what they need from the shops.

He has encouraged others to look out for vulnerable neighbours and relatives who may need some assistance, particularly during the cold snap.

The Leader also reported yesterday on the efforts of a Wrexham man who drove snowed-in Maelor Hospital staff to work.

Cllr Jones said: "All yesterday and today I've been out clearing snow - including in areas such as Forest Walk and a lot of paths around sheltered accommodation in Jubilee Court.

"During these times, it doesn't matter who you are; do what you can for other people.

"It's been quite bad in Buckley. The council has done a good job, they're doing the smaller residential areas now - but I just wanted to make sure the sheltered accommodation areas and pathways are done in particular, so people can get out to the town if they need to."