A ROAD safety expert has urged motorists not to endanger those around them by drink and drug-driving.

The Leader has reported on numerous drink and drug driving cases at our area's Crown and Magistrates Courts in recent weeks and months.

Drivers have been caught with varying degrees of cannabis, cocaine and its breakdown product benzoylecgonine, as well as alcohol, in their systems.

The cases have prompted a plea from Buckley Councillor Arnold Woolley, who runs the town's Community Speedwatch Group and has personal experience in the potentially devastating outcomes of dangerous driving.

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Cllr Woolley - a former Police Senior Superintendent, Force Training Commander and traffic specialist - said: "Unfortunately, in my career I have picked up too many bodies caused by speed and inattentiveness.

"These problems are now compounded by alcohol and drugs.

"Now, when you're on the road, you have to worry about what substances are in the systems of drivers in front, behind and to the sides of you."

In many of the cases we have covered, the courts have been told that defendants simply hadn't realised just how long illicit substances can remain in their system.

Cllr Woolley said: "While alcohol tends to clear in 12 to 24 hours, these drugs don't.

"And the effect of them of course is that these people are in an altered reality; that's the problem.

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"You need to be awake, aware and capable behind the wheel for the safety of yourself and everyone around you.

"If you're mentally impaired by drugs - whether that's an overdosing of prescription drugs or illicit substances - you're a potential danger on the road.

"My whole aim is safe driving - for [the benefit of] those behind the wheel and in the car, pedestrians, cyclists and of course youngsters who may not be able to measure vehicle speeds all too well."