Winter's not over yet with snow storms, ice and potential weather warnings set to hit North Wales this month. 

The Met Office and weather charts show North Wales could be hit by snow as early as Monday, March 6.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Chris Almond, said to expect snow showers, risk of ice and "likely weather warnings" as early as next week.

Mr Almond said: “Although we’ve moved into meteorological Spring there will be a distinctly wintry feel to our weather next week.

"Very cold air will spread across the UK bringing snow showers even to sea level in the north on Monday and these snow showers could spread further south on Tuesday.

“With freezing overnight temperatures and the risk of ice it is likely weather warnings will be issued for Monday and Tuesday once the detail of potential impacts becomes clearer, so keep an eye on the Met Office forecast.”

The Met Office added snow showers would predominantly impact northern and eastern areas, however, it will be cold across the UK, with widespread freezing conditions overnight.  

WX Charts weather charts show snow hitting North Wales on Monday and lingering until Thursday, March 9 with up to 4cm of snow expected in some areas. 

More snow is expected on Monday, March 13, which is set to hit the whole of Wales, South Wales being the worst affected with some areas getting up to 11cm.

The Leader: North Wales could be set for some snow this month.North Wales could be set for some snow this month. (Image: WXCHARTS)

The Met office long-term forecast, covering March 6-15, said we can expect "winds from the north bringing cold conditions to most areas". 

The Met Office said: "This period (March 6-15) is expected to be characterised by winds from the north bringing cold conditions to most areas.

"This will most likely result in wintry showers across northern and eastern areas, these turning to more organised bands of snow at times."

The Met Office added temperatures overall are likely to be below average but may gradually trend up through the period.

March is set to see a mixed bag weather wise according to the Met office.

The long-term forecast added: "Under this regime (winds from the North), many other areas are likely to remain dry with some sunshine, the best of this across inland areas and in the south and west of the UK.

"During the later part of the period confidence decreases significantly, however there is a risk of some milder and wetter weather pushing into the south from the Atlantic, meaning spells of rain will become more likely across the country."

Towards the end of the month (March 16-30) things are set to be drier in the North of Wales. 

The Met Office said: "It's likely to be drier further north apart from occasional late-season wintry showers, while rain and strong winds are likely in the south.

"These milder conditions may extend north at times, but it's likely that the cold weather will then extend south to all parts through late March, bringing drier conditions to many western regions.

"Temperatures overall will likely be below normal, but milder in the south through the middle of March and perhaps beyond."