NATURAL Resources Wales (NRW) is currently investigating a river in Wrexham which has turned bright green.

John Evans posted the above picture of the stream, which is part of the wider River Clywedog, in the 'Johnstown News' Facebook group on Monday, February 27.

Residents on there suspected that the change of colour might be down to some sort of dye testing.

But, NRW has since confirmed that this is not the case, adding that pollution was likely the cause.

They add that samples have been taken from the river and sent to a laboratory.

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A statement from NRW read: "We are unable to disclose the source of the pollution as our investigation is ongoing and we do not want to prejudice any potential future enforcement action.

"Upon identifying the source, the discharge was stopped. We have not been made aware of any further reports of the pollution since. Samples were taken at the time and have been sent off to the laboratory for analysis."