THREE of Wrexham's current players may have made themselves slightly unpopular with one of the co-chairmen. 

Ollie Palmer, Elliot Lee and Mark Howard recently appeared on the Pitchside podcast where they were tasked with answering a few Wrexham-related quickfire questions. 

Palmer, who alongside Paul Mullin, appears to have a close relationship with Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds as documented in Welcome to Wrexham may have put himself out of favour with one of them. 

On the podcast, the trio were asked which did they prefer, Deadpool or Always Sunny in Philadelphia? 


Ollie's response wouldn't have pleased Rob, he said: "I've only seen Deadpool, so Deadpool."

He added: "I'm too busy to watch it all, do you know how many episodes Rob's got of that show? It's like the longest-running show ever."

It was a slightly better response from Lee, who said: "I've watched most of them (Always Sunny), but Deadpool."

While Mark Howard completed the clean sweep for Ryan by adding he favoured the Marvel film too. 

It wasn't all bad news for Rob, however, as the three were then asked who was better at football, to which the Always Sunny Creator got the vote.