A COMMUNITY council in Wrexham has installed a very special postbox at a cemetery.

Rhos Community Council has installed a Letters to Heaven postbox.

It was suggested to the council by county councillor Paul Pemberton, who had read about a nine-year-old girl who wanted to write to her grandparents in heaven.

Gedling Crematorium in Nottinghamshire had responded by placing a Letters to Heaven postbox in the crematorium grounds, this was very well received by the public, and is now also being introduced in many cemeteries and crematoriums across the county.


Families will be able to write to their loved ones on the day of an important anniversary, or simply to tell them how much they are loved and missed.

The post box will be maintained by cemetery staff. The community council asks that no valuable items are placed inside the post box.

After sharing the news on its social media page, people were quick to praise Rhos Community Council. 

They described it as "lovely", "touching" and "wonderful". 

One person said: "Johnstown has lost a lot of young people, I think for their parents and partners and even little ones that have been left behind, this is perfect for them to get all their feelings out and feel closer to their loved ones."

Another added: "I absolutely love this."

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