The old Wrexham police station will become a 'Museum of Two Halves' - the football museum for Wales and a new museum for Wrexham.

The ‘Museum of Two Halves’ is the name to describe the development of the Football Museum for Wales and a new Wrexham Museum in the current museum building on Regent Street in Wrexham.

The new football museum will celebrate Welsh football, past and present, in all its diversity, from grassroots clubs to the national teams, as well as highlighting Wrexham’s historic achievements in the sport and celebrating the rich heritage of the County Borough.

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New galleries will be created to display the Wrexham Museum collections, which means an enhanced experience for visitors and a first-class, modern venue for discovering the fascinating and eventful story of our region of North East Wales.

Working alongside the community, the museum will host a programme of activities and events to inspire all who visit to learn, be active and achieve their potential. 

Over the winter, the architects have been finalising the planning application because the plans developed will completely transform the inside of the building, while preserving its historic character.

Meanwhile, Wrexham council has been working up the designs for both the football museum and local museum galleries.

The plans envisage almost three times the space currently dedicated to galleries, and that’s not including the ‘cwrt mawr’ (‘great court’) that will be created at the centre of the building that visitors will enter on arrival.

The court will introduce the two museum themes and place Wrexham at the heart of both stories.

A spokesperson at Wrexham Council said: "It’s still early days and there’s a lot more to do to deliver this nationally important museum project, but the council is making progress and hopes to share more news very soon."