MOLD ALEXANDRA FC has received a welcomed boost in its push for a new stand. 

The Cymru North division side was told the club must meet the criteria to remain in the league by adding an additional 150 covered seats, which means a new stand.

Failure to build the new stand would see Mold Alex relegated from the league. 

The community-run club launched a Crowdfunding page to help with the costs of building a new stand which needs to be completed by April 30 and also welcomed donations of concrete. 


In a great show of community spirit, Dependable Concrete has now donated the concrete required for the stand. 

Club chair, Sarah Cunningham said: "It’s been a busy time down at Alyn Park, as work has started on the new seating area. 

"Our crowdfunding page is up to nearly £2,500 and is still open for donations. 

"We have received an amazing donation from Dependable Concrete, as they have donated the concrete for the stand. This is a massive donation and we are very grateful. 

"We would also like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers who have relentlessly slogged away to get us to nearly get us the half way point.

"We are now looking forward to the delivery of the seats next."