A MUM continues to push for justice two decades after her son was beaten to death in Mold.

On February 4, 2003, the town was rocked by the brutal killing of 30-year-old postman Paul Savage.

He was part way through his delivery round when someone - who has yet to be brought to justice - set upon him with a wooden baton.

Paul died at Wrexham Maelor Hospital, despite the best efforts of doctors and nurses.

His mum June White has fought for justice for her son for 20 years, and continues to call on anyone who might know something about the crime to come forward.

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Recounting the events leaving up to her son's death, she said: "I was in Mold at the time, and I’d just taken my granddaughter to school.

“It was freezing and thick with snow.

“Paul’s wife had to dash to the sorting office in Mold, where he worked.

“And then half an hour later I got a call, saying someone from the sorting office would be coming to pick me up.

“They said there had been an accident and I thought oh my god - I thought he’d come off his bike or been bitten by a dog or something.

"But he hadn’t. He’d been beaten to death.

“I was picked up and taken to the hospital in Wrexham and I held him.

“He was all wired up. The nurse and doctor just looked at me, and the machines just buzzed - he was dead.”

In 2018, North Wales Police launched a fresh appeal in relation to the case, stating "huge strides" made with DNA evidence meant the investigation had "never been closer" to finding the killer.

Speaking on BBC One's Crimewatch Roadshow Live at the time, DI Christopher Bell of North Wales Police explained: "The attack took place half way up Clayton Road in Mold.

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"Mr Savage placed his bike outside a gatepost and we know that is where he was viciously struck and left for dead.

"We know from witness accounts that we have two people in dark clothing walking up from the Queens Park area.

"A key witness has seen two people matching the description walking away – I have no doubt they are connected.

"From the murder weapon, we know there are paint fragments which have been matched to fragments on the hat of Mr Savage."

He added that a difficulty in the case had been "gaining the confidence and trust of the members of the Mold area," and that fear of reprisals or the court process had meant some were "reluctant to come forward."

"We would like to appeal to those witnesses that without their help we won't be able to solve this murder," he said.

"I believe there are people out there who may hold the vital information whether they have witnessed it first hand or heard who may be responsible."

Ms White said: "Someone in Mold knew who murdered my son.

“Someone still knows - they might even have kids of their own now.

"I will never give up."

North Wales Police was approached for a comment.