A MOLD community social enterprise group is considering an ambitious move to take on the old Glanrafon School as an asset transfer from Flintshire County Council.

Established in 2019, Outside Lives - Activities & Events aim to create a more robust, sustainable, and connected community in Mold by connecting people through shared interests, providing activities and events that support personal wellbeing and growth, whilst also celebrating and protecting the natural world.

Outside Lives are keen to acquire the Glanfaron Centre to enable the group to go from strength to strength by evolving the old school into a 'Centre for People and The Planet', and build on key work already being carried out in the town - but want to ensure that the appropriate steps are taken to communicate plans with the wider community.

The group is now seeking help and support from the local community as their aim is for this project to be coproduced at all levels, and to ensure that the centre and the activities it provides have a financially sustainable future.


To gather perspectives, they have created a form for people to share their initial thoughts on the proposed move. 

The link to share your initial thoughts with Outside Lives on the plans can be accessed here. 

Lucy Powell, Outside Lives Managing Director and Founder, said: "The idea for the Glanrafon Centre; it's got some amazing spaces in there, it's got a beautiful dance studio, creative room, and a hall. It's in a bit of bad nick at the moment and there's some work that needs doing on it.

"At the moment we are putting the feelers out, seeing who wants to be involved. 

"What's coming back is that loads of people love this space, it's got history. It's got heart and soul and is a beautiful building - we really want it; but we have to make sure the community is supportive of that.

"We recognise there are lots of other community organisations doing really good things in Mold, and what we don't want to do is step on anyone's toes.

"We want to collaborate with other organisations and complement what's already happening in Mold.

"We've grown, and there's been a lot of momentum in what we're doing and to have an all-year-round base would be great."

Should the move be successful, Lucy confirmed that the idea is to bring new concepts to the centre such as yoga, art classes, upcycling, and other enviromental focused activities.