A historic estate neighbouring Chirk Castle has been sold in a private sale. 

The Myddelton estate, owned by the Myddelton family has been bought by Kronospan. 

The Myddelton family, had been owners of Chirk Castle since 1595, before the state purchased the site and the National Trust took on the management of the castle and its grounds. 

The family remained on the estate, before selling it to Kronospan in December 2021, ending a historic relationship between the Myddelton's and Chirk Castle. 


It has been confirmed that the running of the Castle will not be affected by the sale of the bordering estate. 

A Kronospan spokesperson said: "A private sale of the property comprising the former Myddelton Estate in Chirk was completed between the Myddelton family and Kronospan Property Limited in December 2021.

"This sale was agreed as part of the decision by the Myddelton family to end their long association with the estate at Chirk.

"Kronospan Property values the continuity of the activities undertaken on the estate and the previous tenants have remained at the transferred properties.

"We will operate the estate as a separate business to the manufacturing plant operated by Kronospan Limited in the local area.

"It has been renamed as the Maesgwyn Estate to reflect the change of ownership."

National Trust Cymru spokesperson said:

“National Trust Cymru looks after Chirk Castle’s medieval fortress, 5.5 acre garden and 480 acre parkland which will continue to be in the Trust’s care, for everyone, for ever.

"The historic family has advised the National Trust that they have sold family lands, which border the Chirk Castle estate.

"The Trust and the Myddelton family enjoy a longstanding relationship, and we respect their decision to sell the land privately.”