A community service club in Flintshire has launched an appeal asking 50 people that haven't returned tests to do so following a £6,000 prostate cancer campaign. 

In September, Flint and District completed a successful prostate cancer awareness campaign giving away £6,000 worth of PSA screening tests.

Applications for all 250 tests were lodged within two weeks of the campaign opening, an accomplishment which club president, David Gregory, attributed the “Turnbull effect”.

This refers to the death of BBC journalist Bill Turnbull to Prostate Cancer in September of last year. 

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David said club members were glad that the full quota had been taken up but were surprised that it had been achieved so quickly.

According to a spokesperson for the club: "An indication of the “Turnbull effect” can be seen in that only 150 applied over an eight-week period last year!"

Now, however, three months later, some 50 tests have not been returned for analysis.

The club is now seeking to persuade those who have not returned their samples to do so at the earliest opportunity.

President, David Gregory, explains that failure to return the tests means the club will have paid over £1,250 for tests not taken up.

He said: "The club cannot afford to lose such funds."

He added: "Payment by the club must be made before the campaign starts, those who do not complete the exercise deprive others of the opportunity of a free test."

Peter McCracken, campaign coordinator, said: "Whilst the majority of the returned tests showed no immediate cause for concern, twelve men have been advised to seek urgent medical advice.

"It is therefore in the best interests of those who have not returned their blood samples to do so at the earliest opportunity."

The Flint and District Lions Club is a group of individuals from the local communities who meet twice a month at Flint Golf Club on the first and third Wednesdays at 7pm. 

They are affiliated with the international Lions Club organisation, a world wide organisation of service clubs founded in Chicago in 1917.