THE Vale of Llangollen Rotary has boosted it latest big project by introducing another bra bank to the local area.

The team has recently been collecting old, unwanted or ill-fitting bras to help keep them out of land fill and help support 'Against Breast Cancer', as well as families in Africa.

Now, it has introduced another drop-off point for these bras at the SPAR shop in Church Street in Chirk.

The Rotary's Mike Lade said: "When you drop a bra in one of our Bra Banks, your ill-fitting or unloved bras will be whisked away to start a new life on the other side of the world.

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"Here they are used to support small businesses for African women to support their families by selling the bras in the markets in places such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya.

"Bras are impossibly expensive to make and buy in places like Africa. One of the unexpected gains of the initiative, now that these bras are affordable in town markets, more women are now wearing bras and sexual assault has gone down!

"Many of the bras are resalable as they are. Some are taken apart by the African women and remade as cottage industries. The ones that are not reusable in any way are broken down and recycled as cotton waste and metal. Everyone is a winner."

Against Breast Cancer has teamed up with a UK recycling company who help small businesses in Africa. The recycling company is donating £700 to cancer research for every tonne of bras collected - that's just 9,000 bras.