Police in Flintshire have called on residents to make their concerns known after one phone call led to an arrest last week. 

On Thursday, December 15, North Flintshire Police say a member of the public called in regards to the manner of a driver in front of them. 

Following the call, officers stopped the car and subsequently arrested the driver, who tested positive for cannabis. 

North Flintshire Police have since reminded residents to call in if they have concerns about vehicles being driven dangerously. 

Only last week, North Wales Police revealed the number of arrests they had made during their Christmas Anti Drink and Drug Drive Campaign.


Flintshire had the highest number of drug drive arrests, while Wrexham had the most drink drive arrests. 

A North Flintshire Police spokesperson said: "On the 15th December, a member of the public called in as they were concerned about the manner of driving of the vehicle in front of them, and thought the driver might be intoxicated.

"The vehicle was located and stopped by Rota 4 officers, and the driver arrested.

"Please call in if you’re concerned about a vehicle you see being driven dangerously on the road."