The streets of Wrexham were lined with people as King Charles and Camilla made their way to St Giles' Church to celebrate city status.

The King and Queen Consort began their day in Wrexham by visiting the Racecourse ground.

They met up with co-owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney among others.

The royals then headed to St Giles' Church in Wrexham around 12.40pm, on Friday, December 9, where they met the public who lined the streets of Church Street and Town Hill. 


Members of the crowd stood eagerly to shake hands and talk to the royals as they entered the church as well as on their exit. 

Karen Grant who lives in Wrexham managed to get a handshake from both King Charles and Camilla. 

She said: "I felt so proud, I was just overwhelmed to get to meet them up close."

Poppy Soma has been living in Wrexham for four years and was thrilled to get the opportunity to meet the King and Queen Consort. 

She said: "It's my birthday tomorrow, so to meet them today is a gift. Hopefully, it will mean more people can see Wrexham and the great city it is."

Wrexham journalism student and sports fan Riccardo Dotolo also hopes the visit will benefit Wrexham. 

He said: "He came past us and said to us 'we are going to make Wrexham great, especially with the new city status' and that's all we want to hear."

North Wales Police announced yesterday, December 8, that they would have a 'visible presence' of uniformed officers on duty, as well as plain clothes officers.


Inspector Luke Hughes was pleased with how the visit went, he said: "I think it was absolutely fantastic, better than I ever could have imagined in terms of the number of people that turned up. 

"We didn't know what to expect really, I think my best guess was around 500 but we had easily over 2,000 there. 

"It was a very good atmosphere, a lot of cold people but a lot of very happy people and happy little kids that maybe won't have the opportunity again."

There were no incidents at the event.