A WREXHAM pub landlord described how visitors and customers are being kept safe while they enjoy the festive season in the city centre.

Mike Roberts, landlord at The Ironworks in Town Hill, gave the Leader an insight into the work that goes on behind the scenes at his venue.

Speaking of the atmosphere in the city and its prospects as a visitor destination more generally he said: "Wrexham has a really good atmosphere generally - a lot of people enjoy a good night out here.

"It has an unfair reputation for being a bit rough, which might have been the case 20 years ago but certainly isn't now.

"I'm very proud of the town and the way it's going - especially with the football club.

"I'm hoping that is going to bring more investment in.

"It is a shame to see empty shops, but hopefully we can work that out and get the place thriving again. I certainly think it's capable of achieving it."

Mr Roberts said he and his team work closely with the police and council to ensure customers are safe on a night out.

He said: "We have initiatives in place such as challenge 25 for the age restrictions and Ask for Angela (a codeword for women to find help if they were feeling unsafe on a night out), which all our staff are trained and briefed on how to operate it.

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"Several of our door staff are first aid trained and they are also briefed to make sure any females leaving in a very drunk manner are ok."

He said he is extremely passionate about ensuring the safety of those who try to access the venue and alcohol when they are underage.

"I am a stickler for removing fake and borrowed ID's," he said.

"[Youths] mixing with adults and alcohol is dangerous."

On the subject of trouble, he continued: "We generally don't have a lot - when we do, it comes out of the blue.

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"I can't even remember the last time we had a major fight.

"We do pride ourselves on not allowing it to get too rowdy, and not allowing people to come in if they're too rowdy."

Mr Roberts explained the venue takes a "zero tolerance" approach to drugs and weapons.

"We have door and glass collecting staff patrolling the toilets every 10 to 15 minutes checking if there is anything going on," he said.

"If someone is caught with drugs in the building, the police are called immediately and they are detained."