A WREXHAM man has labelled a car park a 'disgrace' after receiving a fine despite attempting to pay on three separate machines. 

Malcolm Jones revealed how upon a visit (November 24) to the Island Green car park, Wrexham, he found difficulty paying for his parking due to the machines failing to register his payments.

Malcolm was left seething to discover a fine from Euro Car Parks in the week that followed.

"I went to the car park as I've done week in week out, every other week I've been going there," he said.

"I get out of my car, go over to the ticket machine, put £1.30 in - nothing. 

Malcolm proceeded to attempt to pay by card before trying his luck at a further three machines to no avail. 


Malcolm was then left frustrated to discover a letter last Saturday (December 3) requesting him to cough up £90 for refusing to pay.

He added: "I thought, 'that's not my fault?', so I thought I'd email them, but there was no known address - I was thoroughly disgusted.

"It's totally unfair." 

Euro Car Parks have been approached for comment.