A Flintshire animal rescue is urging struggling pet owners to consider accessing pet foodbanks before abandoning, amid cost of living concerns. 

Jackson's animal rescue, based in Padeswood near Buckley, has highlighted the "awful situation" the rescue is facing. 

The rescue currently has 89 cats on the waiting list to enter the rescue with a waiting time scale of between nine months to a year. 

They also have 37 rabbits/guinea pigs on the waiting list, which equates to around a six to nine-month wait. 

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In a post on social media, the rescue added: "Most days, we are adding at least one animal to our waiting list, and taking many, many calls about animals needing rescue, where people choose not to go on the list as they will not wait.

"This is sad and desperate times indeed. Since we opened the catteries at Jackson’s Place, we have never not had a waiting list, but it’s never been quite this drastic."

Due to the difficult situation and rising costs the resuce has announced it will place a short hold on all admissions to catch up with mounting vet bills. 

Vet bills amount to a huge cost for the rescue as all animals that come into their care require vaccines and 90% require neutering.

They added: "These costs really add up. We simply cannot do anymore right now."

As rescues across the country face rising costs and increased numbers of animals coming in, Jackson's Animal Rescue has issued a plea with pet owners to consider alternative options before rehoming. 

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They added: "We are urging everyone that is struggling with the cost of feeding their pet, to seek help from pet food banks such as Pawz in need Wirral and P.E.T Foodbank Deeside.

"Please don’t dump them, when cats are dumped and maybe get injured, they go into rescues as emergencies, therefore making the wait list take even longer, which is a huge catch 22 situation.

"There are places to help with costs. Please don’t resort to just letting them go, or dumping them at a vets and refusing to take them back, it’s not fair."

The animal welfare charity, RSPCA, echoed this point earlier this month, “begging” people not to dump their pets amid rising concerns about neglect and abandonment. 

The charity shared that it saw a 25% rise in the number of abandonment incidents being dealt with by its rescue teams this year, along with a 13% increase in neglect incidents.

The RSPCA also shared that there are pet food banks available to help struggling owners. There is also dedicated cost-of-living support being offered by the RSPCA with a recently opened telephone helpline to support callers who are worried about the cost-of-living crisis and a dedicated cost-of-living hub with practical help and advice on the website.

Jackson's Animal rescue is also looking for donations towards their mounting bills, contact the rescue at contact@jacksonsanimalrescue.co.uk. 

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