A Flintshire bodybuilder was named World Champion representing team Great Britain in his first competition after losing his wife to cancer.

Daz Cooper, from Flint, competed in the PCA World Championships on Sunday November 20 at Birimingham Town Hall. 

The personal trainer was awarded the Masters 50+ Bodybuilding World Champion award as well as receiving a PCA Pro card meaning he can now go on to compete proffessionally. 

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Having competed and won previous championships Daz is no novice to the body building stage, however this competition and the training before held particular significance. 

Daz sadly lost his beloved wife of 28 years Yvonne Cooper, who was born and raised in Mynydd Isa, four months ago to cancer. 

The Leader: Yvonne Cooper and Daz CooperYvonne Cooper and Daz Cooper (Image: Daz Cooper)

He said: "She was a beautiful soul and a super mum to our two boys Finley and Max."

For him, preparing for the competition acted as a form of therapy, he said: "It was four months of self-inflicted torture and I think it got me through that first stage of grief.

"It was a celebration of her memory and training became a constructive and positive thing for me."

Daz believes it was his wifes strength and connection that helped him going through the training process. 

"I needed her to get through it and I felt her every single day powering me on."

The training process for the competition invovled Daz getting up at 5am to complete hour long cardio sessions followed by strength training, before his full day of working with understanding clients at Flex Strength Gym in Flint.

The Leader: Daz CooperDaz Cooper (Image: PCA World Championship)

Daz describes the Flint gym as his second family and received support and encouragement from his colleagues and clients through the loss of his wife and his training. 

He said: "I love the gym and I love Flint that is why I PT almost exlusively to here."

Following his success in the recent competiton, Daz is hoping to begin online coaching as well as competing in venues across the globe. 

He hopes to help others going through grief and difficult situations.