THE OWNER of Wrexham AFC's opponents this weekend says he has "never heard" of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Oldham Athletic owner Frank Rothwell isn't impressed by the Reds' Hollywood owners.

"I don't know who the hell they are," Mr Rothwell told ITV ahead of this Sunday's FA Cup tie at The Racecourse.

"I know they're filmstars and all the girls go 'whoo' but I've never seen anything they've been in.

"These lads have bought a football club for as cheap as they possibly could do so they could tell their friends in Hollywood that they own a club."

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His comments come just days after news that Ryan and Rob are to be offered the freedom of Wrexham for their "incredible impact" on the club and the community. 

The co-chairmen said: “This is a great honor that the council are proposing in recognition of the global promotion and awareness that we have been able to create for Wrexham as the club’s custodians.

“The most significant aspect of the honor is that it recognises that we have begun to achieve what it was that we set out to deliver, off the pitch.

“Our documentary Welcome to Wrexham has taken Wrexham to households around the World and the second series will hopefully add to the increased numbers who now know where Wrexham is."

They added: “As we have repeatedly said, this isn’t about us, we created an opportunity that the community firstly embraced and is now taking forward. The good news is that we will only get stronger together with the community at the forefront.

"We would like to thank everyone who is considering us for this award and the people of Wrexham who are making this a rewarding experience for us too."

The Reds' FA Cup tie against the Latics on Sunday will see a large police presence in Wrexham after hooligans clashed before the two sides met in Oldham last month