POLICE are monitoring the presence of "noisy" buskers in Wrexham city centre.

Inspector Luke Hughes, of the Wrexham City policing team, said he has been receiving complaints about the issue. 

Last week, he said had received reports of a "terrible" singer/street performer on Queen Street.

And on Thursday (November 3), Inspector Hughes said in his daily update that there have been further complaints in regard to it.

He said: "Noisy buskers are causing issues in the city centre. These individuals have been displaced from Chester due to their behaviour, and I really don’t want a repeat here. NPT (Neighbourhood Policing Team) will continue to monitor."


A timeline of incidents dealt with by the Wrexham City policing team is as follows: 

8.45am (Wednesday) – Report of a road traffic collision on Bridge Street. Inspector Hughes said a vehicle was in a collision with highway maintenance. Vehicle traced and enquiries ongoing – no serious injuries.

9.47am – Shoplifting on Island Green. Reports washing tablets stolen. 

2.05pm – Report of electric charging point damaged at Water World.

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2.24pm - Report of Criminal damage on Herbert Jennings Avenue. Male dressed in black seen to smash a window with a stone. Deliberate damage and no attempt to gain entry. Did you see anything yesterday at this time? Please make contact and quote B166374.

3.44pm – Woman arrested and charged after alleged assault on a police officer.

4.41am (Thursday) – Report from resident in the area of Berse Road. CCTV doorbell alerts to suspicious male on his driveway. Caller is out of the address but returns and realises his bike has been stolen. He commences his own area search, as well as contacting police, and finds a suspect before police do. His bike is recovered, and the suspect also drops a glove.