The disabled facilities in Wrexham have come in for criticism following work taking place on the high street. 

Last month, the disabled parking spaces on Town Hill were cordoned off, to allow for work vehicles to park there while construction was being completed in the area. 

The workforce remains prominent in the city centre, with the parking spaces still impacted. 

This, in turn, caused access issues for people with disabilities wanting to visit the city centre. 

A local business owner who did not want to be named, felt that incidents such as this put people off wanting to visit Wrexham. 

They said: "90 percent of our customers are elderly or veterans, and you're often unaware of these issues until people mention them. 

"We've got customers unable to park near the city centre as they've covered all the disabled spaces. 

"Disabled spaces are meant to be protected, work vans shouldn't be there even if they have a permit."

In addition, they added that toilet facilities were not always accessible either.


They added: "Hafan Y Dref disabled toilets are full of tables and chairs and are being used as storage, not as accessible facilities. 

"It is shocking. 

"Wrexham is supposed to be a city now and we have toilets being used as storage, it's unbelievable. 

"This is why people aren't coming into town anymore."

A spokesperson from Wrexham Council said: “All disabled spaces within our car parks are provided to the correct requirements as are the on-street spaces.

"The spaces outside the former Burton Building not being available is related to ongoing streetworks on Church Street.”