A cake shop in Wrexham has announced new price points which were branded as 'crazy' by one customer. 

Emz Creative Cafe in Wrexham has been open for eight years in Wrexham city centre. 

Owner Emma Wilson has seen costs increase dramatically over the past year, including the price of butter which she reports has increased from £19.99 for 5kg to £35. 

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Emma believes Wrexham as a city has a lot to offer and boasts "amazing businesses and people that are trying to revive the town."

However, amid the current rising costs she said: "It is difficult for everyone and independent businesses are finding it hard.

"For us, we have a shop and have those overheads therefore there was a concern when we saw those prices increasing and we have seen them increasing since Brexit."

According to Miss Wilson, the impact of Brexit made it difficult to source affordable key ingredients like chocolate. 

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As many businesses are being forced to increase their prices Emz cakes has chosen a different method to encourage customers into the store and to Wrexham city centre. 

In a post on facebook Emz cakes said: "We have always tried our very best to keep our prices as competitive as possible. With the cost of literally everything going up recently, it is a given that businesses will need to raise their prices.

"BUT we have decided to take a slightly different approach, and have actually kept some menu items the same price, and even LOWERED some of our prices!"

The cafe has lowered the price of its hot chocolates and scones and is continuing to offer hot drinks for £1.50. 

Emma said: "At the end of the day now more than ever people deserve a treat and, while cakes are a luxury, people should be able to enjoy them."

According to Emma the decision has recieved support from regular customers as well as some confusion from new customers. 

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She added: "One customer walked in and said I must be crazy for lowering the prices - but I replied, 'well you are here aren't you'."

Despite their ability to maintain and even lower prices now, Emma has acknowledged that if prices continue to rise they may be forced to increase the cost to the customer in the future. 

However Emma hopes by lowering prices her business, like other independent businesses, will be able to compete with larger high street brands.  

She added: "It is a difficult time right now for everyone but where people can if they could support independent businesses."

Emz cakes emphasized that they are grateful to their customers for their continued support. 

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