I went to the hugely successful Wrexham Feast and couldn’t help but try a few different stalls as I made my way around.

Last weekend (Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September) Wrexham hosted traders from across the region selling different foods, drinks and condiments.

I visited on Saturday and was impressed by the amount of variety on offer and just had to give some of it a taste.

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I could see plenty of people walking around with ‘bubble tea’ and decided to give it a try myself. The trader selling it was Bubble Ninja and there was a choice of syrups or milks as well as flavours of boba, which are the small balls at the bottom of the drink. I went for peach syrup with mango flavoured boba which was really refreshing.

The Leader: My peach and mango boba drink My peach and mango boba drink (Image: Newsquest)

The boba was a bit weird to begin with. It pops in your mouth, but I quite liked it. The peach wasn’t really sweet either which I really enjoyed. The drink cost £5, which seems a little bit expensive however the drink was quite large in size.

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Then, I headed over to the food stalls where I came across one called I ‘heart’ Piri Piri. I order the Piri Piri Chicken Wrap which was £7. It came with salad, peppers and onions which had been cooked altogether with the chicken. I went without any sauce and found that the chicken wasn’t spicy but was full of flavour.

The Leader: My Piri Piri Chicken Wrap My Piri Piri Chicken Wrap (Image: Newsquest)

For my dessert, I kept seeing people with waffles and eventually gave in to temptation. The stall was called Bubble Waffles and I ordered the Oreo Cookie Monster which came with Oreos, Nutella, cookies, white chocolate and cookie and cream sticks. My £6 waffle was brilliantly presented (no wonder I had to try one) and tasted amazing. Unfortunately, I was getting a bit full and wasn’t able to finish it but I really enjoyed what I could manage.

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The Leader: Oreo Cookie Monster Waffle Oreo Cookie Monster Waffle (Image: Newsquest)

Altogether, I spent £18 at Wrexham Feast. For what I had, it seems a bit expensive for one person, but I was buying from different traders who were all producing vastly different items, so I think it is understandable.

Every item I ordered was messy to eat/drink and admittedly I managed to get them all down my crème coat at some point as I was eating standing up. There were lots of seating areas but there were a lot of people around so I would recommend wearing something a bit more appropriate than I did!

Overall I really enjoyed my food, and my experience at Wrexham Feast and I’m looking forward to the next one!

It was a huge success all round, with organisers revealing record attendance figures, with more than 8,000 believed to have attended over the course of the two days.