Since Queen Elizabeth II’s death, her son Charles has become King and with the change in monarch comes a new era.

Her Majesty’s state funeral is taking place today, Monday September 19 as thousands gather in London to bid the Queen a final farewell.

The King and several royal family members are in attendance and updates on the Queen’s funeral can be found via Newsquest’s live blog here.

What era are we in now Charles III is King?

References have been made to this point in history being called the Carolean era.

This is similar to the way that the late monarch’s reign was referred to as the second Elizabethan era.

Prime Minister Liz Truss told the Commons that British people, the Commonwealth and all MPs must support Charles as he takes the country forward to a “new era of hope and progress, our new Carolean age”.

The term Carolean is derived from the word Carolus which is the Latin for Charles.

Previously, the Carolean age has been most closely associated with the reign of Charles II – 1660 to 1685. The reign of Charles I, which ended in his execution, is usually referred to as the Caroline Age, based on the feminine form of the same adjective.

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When will Charles be coronated?

Charles became King at the moment that his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died but he will have to take an oath before his country at his coronation.

No plans have been revealed regarding the coronation of the new King.

The ceremony has been years in planning under the codename Operation Golden Orb.

It is expected to be a deeply religious affair in Westminster Abbey.

This ceremony will also see Camilla, the Queen Consort, be crowned Queen at King Charles’ side.

It will be an Anglican service and it is expected to be more inclusive of multi-faith Britain than past coronations.

When will Charles be crowned?

It could be months until Charles’ coronation takes place.

His mother became Queen in February 1952 and 16 months passed before she had her coronation on June 2, 1953.