A Wrexham charity fears the impacts of the cost of living crisis on families with disabilities that are already struggling. 

Dynamic Centre for Children and Young People with Disabilities supports young people with disabilities aged 15 – 25 years in the Wrexham County Borough. 

Laura Williams, the charity manager, said: "Families are doing their best with what they've got, but we are really worried about this crisis, as many families were already at breaking point."

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Dynamic work alongside Wrexham foodbank to provide food parcels for disabled families that are struggling. 

The charity has noticed an increase in the number of people needing food parcels as well as toiletries and household essentials. 

New research from Financial Fairness Trust, shows that nearly half of disabled households (48%) have struggled to keep their home warm and comfortable at some point this year, compared to 30% of non-disabled households.

Families with disabilities may be disproportionally affected due to requiring higher energy usage to power electric wheelchairs, scooters, electric stairs or oxygen machines.

They may also need clothing and linen to be changed and washed regularly.

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Miss Williams said: "A lot of children need bedding and towels changed more often.

"They may require weighted blankets which all have an additional cost."

The charity manager added that some children with autism may be unable to wear additional layers therefore having heating on is a necessity. 

Jan Thomas, Chief Officer for the Flintshire Disability Federation Centre for Living, said the needs for their services has "sky-rocketed" since the pandemic.

Based in Mold, Flintshire, TheFDF’s Centre for Independent Living (CIL) is a grassroots organisation that provides a wide range of equipment, services and social activities, as well as advice, guidance, comfort, support and practical help to people living in Wales who have a physical and /or sensory impairment, including their families and their carers.

Prime Minister Liz Truss has now set out her plans to tackle the energy crisis amid soaring bills across the UK.

Ms Truss announced that she will be freezing bills at the £2,500 mark, as the Government plans to ease the impact of the rising cost of living.

This new figure is around £500 higher than current levels, however the price cap is set to rise by 80% on October 1.

Once that rise happens, the £2,500 figure will be around £1,000 below the Ofgem price cap.


However, the charity Action for Children said the plan is a “big intervention with a big hole in it”.

Director of policy and campaigns Imran Hussain said the sums “still won’t add up” for families facing bills “far beyond (what) they can afford”.

He continued: “This package should’ve thrown more of a lifeline to the families who need it most.

“We desperately need more targeted help through benefits for the low paid and those who have lost their jobs or cannot work because of disability, illness or caring responsibilities.

“Even with a freeze, energy bills will still be double what they were a year ago, the price of other essentials continues to soar and the true value of benefits has been cut.”

For more information on Dynamic, and for details on how to get in touch, visit: https://dynamicwrexham.org.uk/dynamic-futures-project/

For TheFDF’s visit: www.thefdf.org.uk/

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