A would-be robber who pointed a knife at his victim in the street has "exceptionally" been spared jail.

Michael Wright, of Barmouth Close in Connahs Quay, appeared for sentence at Mold Crown Court on Tuesday.

The 27-year-old had admitted at a previous hearing that in October last year he had a knife in his possession at Connah's Quay and he attempted to rob Daniel Phillips.

Dafydd Roberts, prosecuting, told the court that at around 8.20pm on October 22, the victim went out to buy groceries and was approached by Wright on the street.

He asked if the victim smoked, and then asked him to walk into a nearby alley with him.

When Mr Phillips told the defendant " I'm good, thanks" Wright said he needed his help with something - before producing a knife and pointing it at him.

"What have you got?" the defendant asked him, brandishing the blade half a metre from him.

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The victim challenged him, causing the defendant to say he was "just joking" and that he had the knife for "protection."

He walked away, but the victim informed the police immediately, who located and detained Wright.

The knife was found and he told police he was an alcoholic.

He'd been drinking since the morning, he said, and had little recollection of the incident.

Oliver King, defending, said his client hadn't made any stabbing or slashing motions towards the victim and backed down immediately when challenged.

He added: "In my submission, it wasn't a very concerted attempt at a robbery.

"Although it undoubtedly shook Mr Phillips up, thankfully there is no long lasting impact.

"At the time this happened, he wasn't in a good place mentally."

He said the defendant had been drinking as a means of avoiding trauma he needs to address - "even sneaking alcohol into his workplace to top up during the day."

Where he had nothing to lose at the time, he now has "everything to lose" - including a stable relationship with his partner, with whom he has a child and is expecting another, and his job.

"They plan to marry in September this year if he keeps his liberty," Mr King said.

"Everything right now is looking up for him. The foundations are in place."

Judge Niclas Parry told him: "Walking around at night carrying a knife intending to use it to robe someone when you're under such influence of alcohol that you can't remember it - the consequences are serious.

"And they could have been very serious for your victim.

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"In your condition, you could have used that knife had there been a more violent confrontation.

"Mercifully your victim appears to be a very brave and resilient man.

"He doesn't seem to have suffered anything other than minor psychological harm."

The Judge said the defendant had "rebuilt" his life since the offence, and decided that the sentence could "exceptionally" be suspended.

He handed down a two year jail term, but suspended it for two years.

The defendant must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and 25 days of rehabilitation work.

He was also made the subject of a 120 day alcohol abstinence monitoring requirement and was ordered to pay £750 to the victim.

"Take your chance," the Judge told him.

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