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I had wanted to visit Chock’s Away Diner at Hawarden Airport for some time.

It’s a favourite of my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, and I had wanted to check it out for myself.

So when I accepted a dogsitting/babysitting gig last weekend, I decided I’d treat my nephew to breakfast.

The Leader: Chocks Away DinerChocks Away Diner

By the time he and the dog had rolled out of bed though it was closer to lunchtime than breakfast, but I was still keen to go.

Just getting to the diner feels special. You have to stop at the airport’s gatehouse, get out of your car, and sign in before they raise the barrier.

The Leader: Chocks Away Diner.Chocks Away Diner.

Then it’s a drive through anonymous buildings and the rusting skeletons of jet planes before you get to the diner.

It was busy when we arrived, and I realised it might have been advisable to book. But they found us a table for two which had the added bonus of overlooking the airfield where small planes were landing and taxiing.

So being handed a cradle of condiments and cutlery, and a menu, we made our way to the table.

The Leader: A table with a view.A table with a view.

My nephew didn’t need a menu, and I came to suspect that his late appearance was strategic, as he wanted chicken strips (£2.60) from the children’s menu.

Most 12-year-olds I know think they have outgrown the menu, but when it arrived I could see why he had chosen it. They large chicken strips that would make similar from McDonald’s and even KFC feel inadequet.

In fact, with generous helpings of chips and beans, some children with smaller appetites and tummies might struggle to clean their plate.

I had my mind set on a cook breakfast and, despite it now being past noon, I was going to stick to my guns.

I went for The Breakfast (£7.50) with a mug of tea (£1.10).

The Leader: One man's breakfast is another lad's lunch.One man's breakfast is another lad's lunch.

It consisted of two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two hash browns, a fried egg, black pudding, beans, and buttered toast.

I’ve had bigger breakfasts, and breakfasts with more items, but I don’t think I’ve had one that was better cooked.

No anaemic hash browns or limp toast slices here.

The bacon was crispy with that strong umami flavour that usually comes with American style rashers. The sausages were on the small side, but were quality, tasty bangers.

The hash browns had browned edges as I like them, and the fried egg would’ve suited Goldilocks as it was neither too runny or two hard.

Fried mushrooms or a grilled tomato may have added some bulk to the meal, but in fairness I did not feel it was lacking.

The diner itself is light and airy and, even with a lot of people, did not feel crowded.

The Leader: The airfield.The airfield.

There are tables outside for those wanted a closer look at the planes, and a playground for families with younger children.

Although we didn’t try them, there was an abundance of homemade cakes and treats on offer and ice cream with flavours from bubblegum to salted caramel.

In conclusion, I would definitely return, especially if I was with friends with children. You could get their kids fed for a reasonable costs and entertain them for an hour or two.

The Leader: Aviation history on the walls.Aviation history on the walls.

In regard to it being busy, I would definitely recommend booking a table. Although they found us a table, and there was the option to dine outside, I could imagine the inside areas filling up on busy days during the summer.

That will be especially true on the August Bank Holiday weekend when the airport becomes the temporary home of the Red Arrows.

The Leader: Red Arrows over Rhyl by Rhyl Journal Camera Club member Chris V Evans.Red Arrows over Rhyl by Rhyl Journal Camera Club member Chris V Evans.

A post on the diner’s Facebook page read: “Extra exciting news… we will be home to the Red Arrows again, August bank holiday weekend.

“Timings and schedules to be confirmed, and also weather permitting.

“With people already getting in touch, we wanted to let you know: that weekend will be extremely and exceptionally busy.

“We ask that you take extra care getting on and off site.”

The diner also asked that all vehicles park on the left-hand lane when entering security, and to allow for extra waiting times with the staff and chefs.

Its new outdoor cabin will also be selling drinks, snacks, ice creams and more.

The diner will run a reduced menu on both days.

The diner added: “We will be takings bookings, and advise to book, but again our outside area is huge to accommodate, also.

“Bookings on tables will get two-hour time slots, and we ask you respect this for the next bookings after yourselves.

“This is set to be another exciting weekend if all pans out well, and when we get the timings and schedules, we will let you know.

“We can’t wait to have them back.”