MORE than 100 speeders were clocked by Buckley volunteers throughout July, it has been said.

The Buckley Community Speedwatch group undertook nine roadside sessions during the month, with a total of 54 hours of work collectively.

Cllr Arnold Woolley, who leads the team, told the Leader that a total of 104 people were recorded speeding in July and of those, 101 were reported to GoSafe.

He said he was pleased to report that while the group often sees several cars without tax or other documentation issues, during the last month only one vehicle was untaxed.

The highest speed of the month was 51 miles per hour in a 30 zone - at Raikes Lane in Mold.

Cllr Wooley said: "We're still being told by some people that we should be leaving this to the police, but we are also still having drivers pulling up and asking us what the speed limit is and how fast they were going.

"If they don't know those two things, where were they? Cloud nine?

The Leader: Cllr Arnold WoolleyCllr Arnold Woolley

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"We have seen a lot of arguments that 20 mile per hour roads cause tailgating, but the tailgating we're seeing in the 30 zones is horrendous.

"What we have also seen is a certain amount of carelessness towards cyclists.

"Instead of waiting to overtake and give room, because there is oncoming traffic some people will push past and that is very uncomfortable for the cyclist.

"Drivers need to remember they are in charge of a lethal piece of machinery and they have to be aware of the hazards."