A POLICE Inspector has called for the closure of town centre roads to traffic in the evenings.

The call, from Wrexham City Inspector Luke Hughes, comes after a collision over the weekend.

In his daily update to members of the public, released on Monday morning, he said North Wales Police had received 107 calls for service in the Wrexham Town area since Saturday morning.

And despite the passing "without any significant crime issues," describing what happened over the weekend the Inspector said: "Wrexham played at home in a pre-season friendly achieving a 4-0 win. Quite often you will see police officers at the matches and more often than not these are your local neighbourhood officers who will show a presence outside the ground before and after the game. 

"It is only on the larger games that we refer to as “risk games” that we draft in officers from outside our area. 

"The preference is always local staff as they understand the issues in the community slightly better (parking, congestion and potential anti-social behaviour issues).

The Leader: Image: North Wales PoliceImage: North Wales Police

"Your local officers attended seven concern for safety events, general people in mental health crisis.

"This certainly is one of the most time consuming areas for us and certainly not considered a traditional policing activity, however, often we are the only ones able to respond.

"Notable at 5am on Sunday morning we attended one such incident when we were alerted to a person on the roof of Ty Pawb.

"Officers responded and were able to engage with said person who came down and was taken to hospital for follow-up support. Also a female who intimated she would harm herself, again taken to hospital by officers.

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"Of course there was some crime, and I would ask for your help in locating a stolen moped taken from Aston Grove at some point from July 29 into July 30 - it is a NECO GPX 50 in Black, registration number PE19HGJ.

"Note we know that occasionally these bikes are sprayed and plates changed so if you could report anything that could be linked I would be grateful, please quote crime ref 22000550445."

Inspector Hughes added that officers also dealt with a road traffic collision on Saturday at about 8pm when a vehicle collided with a barrier at the junction of Abbott Street / High Street. 

He said: "As a result the vehicle lost a lot of oil and this caused considerable issues for pedestrians.

"I genuinely feel that we are at a point now that the centre out town, certainly High street, Town Hill and Abbott street need to be off limits to all vehicles in the evening, the risk is too great and I can recall quite a few incidents in recent month that could have resulted in serious injury.

"I will be continuing dialogue with local partners to see if this can gain moment as it has been discussed for quite some time with little progress, we need to act."

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