MEMBERS of the Southsea community have been coming together to restore some of the village’s greenery.

Broughton Community Council allocate funding to each ward for environmental projects which encouraged chair of the council, Cllr Nigel Williams to get involved with the community to help fund hanging baskets, plants, and flowers to help improve and maintain the village of Southsea.

Cllr Nigel Williams, who serves as the local councillor for Southsea, started a community group two years ago with an aim of tidying the area through litter pickings and bush trimming.

But the group has since moved on to a much larger project which has seen the complete restoration of some of the village’s pathways, greenery, and flower beds.

The Leader:

The group consists of around 10 volunteers who meet once a month to carry out general upkeep of the area through strimming, tidying, and clearing out the river which runs through the village. On top of this, there are a handful of dedicated volunteers who maintain hanging baskets and flowers daily.

The social element of the village coming together is something that has been particularly pleasing for both Nigel and the residents as it is something that was lost throughout the pandemic.


Cllr Williams said: “Years ago, the social aspect was huge to the village, over time things change, and it sort of drifted. Since introducing the community group it has really come back again.

“We get lots of lovely comments about how we are keeping the village looking beautiful, but it’s not just that, after we’ve finished, we will go into somebody’s garden and have a snack, maybe a glass of wine and a chat.

“There are people in the village who are really strong friends now because they’ve got involved with the community project.”

“I’m just glad we’ve been able to achieve something we can all be proud of.”

Gordon Davies was a passer-by in Southsea, and he admitted the difference the group has made to the village has been profound: “I admire just how much it has been transformed. They’ve made a tremendous difference – it’s unrecognisable.”

The Leader:

Jo Prince is a resident of Southsea and is one of the core volunteers who helps in the maintenance of the village – she spoke of how the community aspect has made such a difference.

“It’s really brought everyone together making a difference in our village. So many people have made new friends and it’s important for people to come together in the community.

“We have passers-by who tell us how lovely it is looking, and they want to donate money for us to buy more flowers and hanging baskets which is really nice that we’re able to do something like this.”