FOUR sheep - two of which have had to be put down - have been attacked in Flintshire.

North Wales Police's Rural Crime team say the incident occurred in the Lixwm/Ysceifiog area.

A farmer was said to have found the injured sheep on Friday morning (July 22).

A vet was then called into treat the sheep, but two of them had to be put down according to the rural crime team.

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PC Dave Allen from North Wales Rural Crime team posted a video on social media in which he appealed for information from the site of the crime.

He said: “We had a livestock attack here in Flintshire. What you may or may not be able to see behind me is a vet putting to sleep two sheep.”

“Can I please appeal to any witnesses and also appeal to the dog owners in the Lixwm, Ysceifiog and possibly Babell area of Flintshire.”

The description of a dog thought to be responsible for the attack is “possibly a brownie brindle type of dog that was loose in the area with no owner."

PC Allen added: "Please check your property to make sure there are no holes in the fence that a dog can get out.

“If your dog’s got any blood on it, please contact North Wales Police so we can sort out the matter and bring some comfort and peace of mind to this farmer behind me.”