Appeals have been made for the return of a Wrexham Lager sponsorship banner that is thought to have been stolen.

The Wauns Carnival, which will be held on Saturday, August 13 in Bradley, is sponsored by local businesses, and banners are dotted along the carnival site.

Wrexham Lager is one of the sponsors for the carnival this year and the banners help raise awareness of the event.

The Wauns Carnival originally made an appeal for the banner to be given back on Friday, July 15, on Facebook.

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The post said: “Someone has stolen the #Wrexham #lager banner from the carnival fence. It takes a lot of effort for businesses to support local events like ours. Furious.”

Wrexham Lager has since also commented on the supposed theft in a Facebook post.

They said: “This isn’t a usual start to the week for us and we didn’t expect to be starting our week with a post like this!

“Wrexham Lager have sponsored and given banners to this year's The Wauns Carnival to help raise awareness of the event in Bradley, put on by a hard working team trying to do it’s bit for the community. But sadly our banners have been stolen from the site!

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“We know this does not refer to 99.9% of our special town of Wrexham, but some idiots ruin it for the rest!

“Whoever you are please put them back, let this carnival get the advertisement it deserves and stop letting Wrexham down!”