A WREXHAM garage is offering fuel at cheaper rates amid the cost of living crisis.

Fuel prices have reached unprecedented highs in the UK over the past few months.

The average petrol price in the UK now stands at 190.81p a litre. According to the RAC, the average cost to fill a 55-litre family car with unleaded petrol is now £104.95.

But, the Plas Acton garage in Wrexham is doing its bit to help its local community out amid the rising costs.

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The Chester Road garage is run by Marcus Ansloos and his son Sam, who bought the garage back in April.

Marcus told the Leader that the main aim of lowering the garage's prices is to 'do some good' for the Wrexham community.

It's unleaded prices currently stand at 179.9p a litre and diesel is at 189.9p a litre, both substantially below the national average.

He said: "We are an independent garage and our fuel is excellent quality provided by Gulf.

"I’ve seen how awful this fuel crisis is and how it's impacting on the people of Wrexham and surrounding area. So, I’ve cut my prices making literally pennies on a litre myself but trying to do some good for the local community."

As well as reducing fuel prices, Plas Acton garage has also handed out 1,000 discount cards.

The Leader:

PIC: Plas Acton garage, Wrexham.

The cards give those lucky enough to grab one a penny off every litre on the pump price indefinitely.

Marcus added: "We have been extremely busy since advertising our price reduction and the feedback is fantastic. We are all sick of paying through the nose for fuel. 

"My prices will remain that low and also reduced further as soon as cost comes down for me. We appreciate every single person who have been supporting us at the forecourt and will definitely keep bringing prices down as and when we possibly can."

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