CONCERNS have been raised about the number of people smoking outside the entrance to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

All hospital grounds across the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board became smoke free in 2021, resulting in a £100 fine for anyone smoking on the premises.

However, in recent weeks concerned visitors and patients have become increasingly frustrated at the number of discarded cigarette butts outside the revolving doors of the hospital underneath the 'no smoking' signpost.

The Leader:

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It led to a debate on the Wrexham Town Matters Facebook page with some highlighting that smoking is an addiction, and confrontation could lead to abuse.

But Becky Griffiths said: "It's a nightmare when you don't smoke and you walk out the doors to a face full of smoke."

Hilary Brown said: "My husband mentioned this to me the other day as he walked past the area and was shocked to see all the cigarette ends and patients outside smoking. Total disrespect for the hard work of the NHS staff."

Neil Nightingale said: "Just been in hospital twice and one fella lit up whilst the tannoy confirmed it was a non smoking area."

Liz Vernon added: "Sadly it's not just Wrexham. Hospitals don't have the resources to stop people from smoking on their premises.

"It's sad though, that people do not adhere to the request."

Tina Welcomme Bird said: "Or maybe understand that addiction is an illness in itself, and provide designated smoking areas away from the doors (not just main entrance but ALL doors)."

Jennifer Jones said: "It's not just unacceptable. It is disgusting."

In response, Hazel Davies, Director of Operations at Wrexham Maelor Hospital said: “Wrexham Maelor along with all our hospital grounds across North Wales are entirely smoke-free sites. This means patients, visitors and staff are not permitted to smoke anywhere on the hospital grounds. This includes all outdoor areas, including car parks.

“Anyone who smokes on our sites is breaking the law and could face a £100 fine.

“We urge all our patients, visitors and staff to adhere to the smoking ban in place to create a safer and healthier environment where people are not exposed to second hand smoke.”