A wildfire broke out in a Flintshire woodland due to the hot weather and a discarded glass bottle.

The fire at Penymynydd woods was reported to the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service at around 9.25am on Sunday.

One appliance and five firefighters were in attendance for under an hour and the fire was put out using buckets of water, the fire service confirmed.

A spokesman added that the fire was caused by sunlight reflecting through a glass bottle that had been discarded in the woods.

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Dave Hughes, head of fire safety, said: “During warmer weather, the grass and vegetation is generally dry, which means if you accidentally start a fire outdoors it can spread very quickly, destroying everything in its path.

“Add in a light summer breeze and the fire will spread even more rapidly.

“[…]. Each small fire has the potential to tie up resources for hours and prevent us from attending other life threatening incidents elsewhere.

“A flicked cigarette from a car window, a barbecue that sets fire to a hedge, or a bonfire left unattended could start a fire that destroys acres of countryside, forestry, crops and wildlife.”

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