North Wales Police Cyber Crime unit has warned residents to be wary of a new Tesco gift card scam.

The NWP unit has shared a post from the South Wales cyber crime unit detailing a scam involving fake Tesco Gift card emails.

According to the post, Action Fraud had received over 172 reports this month about fake emails purporting to be from Tesco.

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North Wales Police tweeted: “Watch out for these fake Tesco e-mails highlighted by our colleagues South Wales Police Cybercrime Team and Action Fraud.”

The email indicates that the recipient has been selected for a chance to win a £500 Tesco gift card alongside a link that leads to further websites.

These websites act as phishing websites that seek to steal personal and financial information.

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This scam is the latest in a list of fraudulent email and text scams that attempt to steal money or information from recipients under the guise of a well-known and trusted brand.