New research has revealed the UK's luckiest postcodes for winning the lottery based on winning statistics data from the Postcode Lottery since January 2011.

The research by SolitaireBliss studied postcode data from to determine the luckiest places in the UK, based on how many Postcode Lottery wins have occurred per 100,000 people in each area. 

This revealed that the Outer Hebrides (HS) is the luckiest postcode in the UK, as with 34 total wins it had the highest number of wins per 100,000 people at 122.9.

The statistic is made more surprising due to the fact the Outer Hebrides has one of the smallest population numbers out of any UK postcode, with an estimated 27,663 residents.

Another two Scottish locations took third place on the list with Perth and Galashiels, who had win rates of 99.32 and 89.66 respectively.

The Leader: Luckiest postcodes data (SolitaireBliss)Luckiest postcodes data (SolitaireBliss)

With six postcodes in the top ten, Scotland ranks as the luckiest country in the UK to win the Postcode Lottery.

At the other end of the scale, West Central London (WC) is the unluckiest postcode in the UK, after ranking last due to having only six wins with an estimated population of 35,745, which equals 16.78 wins per 100,000, 69% lower than the national average

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson from SolitaireBliss said: “ claims that over two-thirds of Great Britain’s postcodes are playing, with winners announced every day. So why do some areas have greater luck than others?

"Some reasons for this can be due to the number of players registered for each postcode, as nine entries for one postcode will have greater chances of winning the Postcode Millions prize than a single person entering their postcode alone.

"This does not apply for any other prizes though, so for those postcode sectors that have greater than average luck when it comes to winning the £30,000 prize, it is likely that there are more individual postcodes registered in the area than usually seen elsewhere in the UK. You have to be in it to win it.”

To find out more information on the Postcode Lottery you can visit their website here.