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THE football grounds around the Wrexham area are being vandalised, yet the council or fields in Trust do nothing about this.

All they are interested in is controlling things, telling clubs what they can and can't do.

The clubs that are being vandalised are clubs that have been around a very long time, and people work really hard to keep them going.

The council have taken an enormous amount of money over the years for their use but nothing has been put back in for the clubs.

Dog muck is the worst thing you could have on a football pitch. It is dangerous, especially if it gets in a cut or someone's eyes. It could blind a person.

I honestly believe the council should fence off football pitches with vandal-proof fences, and stop this happening once and for all.

Otherwise it is going to continue, and vandalism is causing clubs a lot of cost. What would happen if someone lost a limb or went blind because of dog waste?

Who would be liable if something like that happened? I bet it wouldn't be the council or fields in Trust.

So please do the right thing and keep clubs safe before something really bad happens. Put fences up and let clubs control their own pitches.

Like lots of other parents, I have children playing on the pitches, and I am very concerned.

It is getting worse.

B.L. Thomas