Wrexham's MP has called on the Welsh Government to deliver and ease the current pressures being faced by the NHS in Wrexham. 

Sarah Atherton is currently inundated with complaints from constituents regarding health in the area and is hoping that changes are forthcoming. 

Ms Atherton recently revealed some of the complaints she had received, including people taking out loans to pay for treatments and 12-hour delays in the back of ambulances

A recent BBC documentary highlighted the pressures that the Emergency Department at the Maelor Hospital are under, while the lack of access to GPs in Wrexham has been described as a 'very considerable concern'

Wrexham's MP is now calling for change, and after writing to Welsh Government about potential improvements in April, she is yet to hear back. 

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She said: "I wrote to the health Minister on the 28th of April after Welsh Government announced a £1bn funding boost for the NHS, which is great, but all the examples put out in the media were for south Wales.

"So, I'm wanting to know what they are spending it on in Wrexham.

"Welsh Government have now acknowledged that they need to do something, which they have never acknowledged before, so hopefully now we are going to see something change, but I'm not being told what that is.

"They are now listening, but I want to see some tangible improvements on the ground. I just want to see outcomes, not promises."

In response, Welsh Government outlined the recent funding provided to the Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board.

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A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board received £135m for their Covid response in the last financial year.

"They are now receiving £41.6m towards recovery from the pandemic and projects to reduce waiting times going forward, as well as additional core funding of £33.5m. They will also continue to be funded for Covid related expenses in this financial year, including vaccinations and PPE.

“The health board also received £3m for priority urgent and emergency care projects, and some of this will be targeted specifically at improving outcomes for people who access care at Wrexham Maelor.

“Proposals for funding are expected from the health board in the autumn”