Olawa Bakery Wrexham

54 Regant Street, Wrexham 



I had the pleasure of taking some time to try out the Wrexham Bakeshop which is an independently owned Artisan Bread and Cake shop in Wrexham, part of Olawa Bakery.

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The first thing that struck me upon entering the bakery was the cleanliness of the place. The term ‘spotless’ gets thrown about a lot these days, but I can’t think of any other word to describe Olawa’s. This immediately appealed to me as a place I wanted to come and sit down and enjoy a hot drink and a snack for half an hour or so.


The Leader:  A wide variety of selection is on offer at Olawa's. A wide variety of selection is on offer at Olawa's.


The lady behind the counter was as bright and cheerful as her surroundings and it was at this point I was faced with the difficult decision of what to order as the selection was incredible, to say the least.

With over two dozen different cakes and sweet treats on display in addition to the seemingly endless variety of breads and savoury snacks, I ended up going with an artisan hot dog and a simple cup of tea which was priced at a reasonable £4.85.

The Leader: Artisan hot-dog and a cup of tea.Artisan hot-dog and a cup of tea.

The server told me to take a seat and she would bring it all over for me - which is always a nice touch. So I made my way to one of the comfy seats facing the window and faced little to no wait before my order arrived. Again, the table was very clean, each table had its own cutlery, condiments, hand sanitizer and a generous supply of napkins.

The hot dog was not your average ‘American-style’, as it was more like a sausage roll with a hot dog sausage embedded in a cheese topped pastry which made for an interesting, tasty alternative. And of course, you can’t go wrong with a cup of tea on a saucer with a little pot of milk.

I couldn’t come here and not sample one of the many delightful looking cakes, so I gave in and opted for the custard cake (£2.90).

I think I underestimated the size, as the portion was humongous, and I struggled to finish (but I managed). The custard cake was deliciously creamy and certainly filling, I had no regrets about finishing up with a sweet treat.The Leader: Custard cake Custard cake

Overall, this charming bakery/café infusion was a great experience. The environment itself was clean, the staff were friendly, and the food was excellent.

Not to mention the variety was really quite something, as I was surprised at just how many cakes, breads, savoury snacks and even ice-creams were on offer for what seemingly isn’t the largest space in the world.

I will certainly return the next time I’m at a loose end in Wrexham.


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