TENNIS courts in Flintshire were vandalised just days after being refurbished.

Hawarden Tennis Courts, based next to Gladstone playing fields, were re-painted last week - only for the work to be tarnished days later.

People on bikes have left marks over the newly painted surface, and pulled down one of the nets.

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Tennis coach, Mike Herd, who regularly uses the facility for sessions, said he is now "deeply concerned" for the future of the courts - which are managed by Hawarden Community Council in partnership with Hawarden Tennis Club. 

He said: “The council has spent a lot of money investing in the courts to improve and protect them for the future.

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“Unfortunately, there are regular problems with bikes and footballs being used on the courts damaging the surface and the nets.

“I am deeply concerned about the future of the courts.”

The Leader: Before and after the courts were refurbished. Before and after the courts were refurbished.

The courts were open 24 hours a day, but are now subject to a padlock and an online booking system because of the anti-social behaviour issues there. 

“This provides security, ensures the courts are used for tennis and the community investment is protected for everyone," Mike said.

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He added: ”Tennis Wales did put in a proposal last year to the council regarding installing a gate access system, and they would also help with all of the maintenance costs.

“The maintenance costs are extremely high and many councils can’t afford it, which results in courts disappearing.

“Tennis Wales did propose charging a small fee (as well as some free access) to use the courts with all of the funds to go towards maintaining and protecting the facilities."

Mike added that the hopes the community council will re-enter negotiations with Tennis Wales to help safeguard the courts for the foreseeable future.

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